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How We Work
Coral Construction Inc. has been renovating and building homes in Charlotte since 1981. We are a small, very personalized company priding ourselves on four basic principles:

  1. Quality First
  2. On Schedule
  3. Within Budget
  4. Dependable Customer Service

We are committed to implementing green building practices and Damon Rumsch, the founder and owner of Coral Construction has recently attended North Carolina State University’s Green Building 1: Designing and Building a Sustainable Home.

Quality First:
From 1981 to 1987 I worked in the field overseeing two employed carpentry crews as well as supervising the projects and running the company. In 1988 I decided to concentrate on communication with architects, designers and clients and overseeing the projects. During that time I assembled a team of subcontractors. I am proud to say that this team of subs has been refined over the years to produce the best and most reliable group of craftsmen in the Charlotte area. In addition to their high level of craftsmanship, each of them has an extensive knowledge of residential building methods and is able to work with specialized materials and complex designs.

On Schedule:
I require that my subcontractors be punctual. At the start, I will present you, the homeowner, with a schedule. The subs help establish this timeline. They tell me when they can be there and how long it will take. My job is to make sure they execute our plan and that they have what they need to do their job while maintaining your home as a clean and safe environment. Another important aspect of the schedule is to alert you about purchasing (i.e. ordering light fixtures, hardware and other fixtures with long lead times) and decision deadlines. This insures that we meet the completion goals you have set. With rare exception we have consistently met our completion goals in over 28 years in business.

Within Budget:
Part of the process of budgeting is an onsite meeting with the necessary subcontractors. This allows them to anticipate difficulties and avoid cost overruns. The other part of good budgeting is identifying unspecified items and assigning them realistic allowances. We take pride in achieving the results you want within the budget you have set.

Dependable Customer Service:
Coral Construction’s outstanding customer service distinguishes us in an industry riddled with customer dissatisfaction. We do our best to anticipate our clients’ concerns and respond quickly. Whether you have an inquiry for a price, a request for specific job site condition, or an emergency, I or one of my employees will respond quickly and take the appropriate action. We also place a high priority on maintaining your home throughout the renovation as a clean and safe environment for you and your family. When we leave at the end of the day, we leave the renovation site neat, clean and safe. So with a watchful eye, a respect for your budget, and a commitment to maintain your schedule, we will try to minimize surprise and make every renovation or home building project a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. We often have clients call after the job is over to tell me they miss us!

Damon Rumsch, Founder and Owner of Coral Construction, Inc.
Superintendents: Marty Taylor
We request $1,000 deposit to prepare a contract for your project. This deposit is applied to the cost of construction upon signing the contract.