Coral Construction

Coral Construction Inc. was incorporated in NC in October of 1981, with Damon Rumsch as the sole owner and only carpenter doing interior cabinetry and renovations. He decided to name his first business after his father’s “Coral Construction” in the US Virgin Islands. Damon remembers going door to door in Eastover and Myers Park trying to get known. Fortunately, Simmerville  and Love Realty was converting Charlotte House Apartments on Providence Rd. to condominiums  and were looking for a carpenter to add molding to the hallways and common areas,. The new apartment owners wanted their condos renovated. This one job put Coral Construction on a solid footing and allowed Damon to hire a second carpenter.

Several years later,  DW Design, an architectural design-build firm in town decided to concentrate on design and was looking for a company to take over the construction side. Over the years that followed Coral Construction had grown to 4 carpenters with 2 crews in the field. In 1987 Coral Construction made a change that would define its business model and became the preferred business model of many Charlotte remodelers. At that time, remodeling contractors in Charlotte had an in-house crew of carpenters and sub-contracted the other trades such as plumbers, electricians, sheet rockers and painters. When Damon met Randy Causey, a self-employed carpenter who had recently relocated from coastal SC to Charlotte with his 3-carpenter crew, he hired him as a sub-contractor. Damon remembers several established remodeling contractors warning him that hiring carpenters as sub-contractors would never work because he would give up control over quality and schedule. Damon saw it differently and saw his role as quarterback, building a team that combined sub-contractor excellence with careful coordination to produce a loyal and high quality team. Now in 2019, all but a handful of remodeling contractors have adopted this model.

In 2000 Coral Construction was given the opportunity to build its first 10,000 sq. ft. home from the ground up. This was the result of demolishing a current home on the site to build a new one. It was one of the first infill projects in the Foxcroft neighborhood. Ten years after this home was completed, Coral Construction was recommended to remodel the home of the original owner.    Despite some initial trepidation,  the owner of the demolished home hired Coral Construction to do the renovation of their 12-year-old home and became another loyal client

Coral Construction has had the privilege of working  with several of Charlotte’s well-respected architects including Kent Lineberger, Don Duffy, Mike Tribble, Hal Tribble, Ruard Veltman, David Wagner, Ken Pursley, and Craig Dixon.